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Vanilla Ice Cream (Oso Fuego) – Tin Series

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AAAA Grade | Tin Series | Indica Dominant Hybrid

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Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream is an evenly balanced hybrid crossed from the delicious Vanilla Kush and Ice Cream Kush strains. These gorgeous buds are immaculately trimmed, have a lovely light lime green complexion with a few orange pistils and are thoroughly caked in bright white crystals. Unique creamy vanilla aromas erupt from the buds and, when burned, emit hints of herbs and spices. The flavour profile is like its heavenly smell with extra sweet undertones to complement the vanilla plus a touch of earthiness on the exhale. Along with its exquisite tastes and appearance, Vanilla Ice Cream burns evenly to beautiful white ash.

Vanilla Ice Cream hits fast and hard, with well-balanced effects. First, the mind is instantly launched into a state of euphoria and happiness. Next, a relaxed body-stone leaves you sedated and couch-locked but not sleepy. Vanilla Ice Cream is a great bud with balanced traits and excellent flavours.

Lab tested at 24-26% THC

Contains: 3.5 grams or 14 grams

Flavours: Vanilla, Herbs, Earth
Effects: Euphoria, Relaxed, Body-Stone
Medical: Chronic Stress, Pain, Depression

9 reviews for Vanilla Ice Cream (Oso Fuego) – Tin Series

  1. Halez (verified owner)

    They definitely took the comments into consideration, was happy to see the humidity pack inside the tin as opposed to outside where it was redundant. This stuff smells and tastes nice. Enjoyed smoking this through my bong before bedtime 🙂

  2. highgrade (verified owner)

    tried a variety of Oso Fuego and am pretty pleased with everything

    it looks amazing, light green and very frosty, nicely cured and burns clean
    the high was pretty nice but nothing special
    smells and tastes really good too

    happy I tried it but would try something else new next time

  3. Josh

    First time trying Oso Fuego and for the discounted price I was pretty impressed. The tin package is sleek and very professional looking and the look and smell of the buds was great. However I was expecting a stronger high and more intense buzz but didn’t really experience that even though it was still a nice smoke hence the 4/5. Looking forward to trying their other strains!

  4. Old school kush(real kush) lover (verified owner)

    Got this about three months ago and it has very dry buds because the boost pack was still in the plastic package. It has flushing issue, it didn’t have a real vanilla ice cream terpenes.

  5. Bud Master Kojer (verified owner)

    Decent for the price. Very dry bud but smokes quite smooth, has a sweet and creamy piney smell and taste but quite plain and nothing spectacular. The high is where its decent, not unlike the thin mint it’s a decently potent indica stone, but not one that will render you couchlocked or useless. These are always worth a try for the price but i think the birthday cake was still the best Oso strain.

  6. Vaga (verified owner)

    I love the oso I’ve tried so far, this was equally delicious! Really nice taste and smell both in the tin and when smoking
    Wasn’t the strongest high I expected but still good, so 4 stars.
    With everyone else on why the boveda packs are sealed. It is so dry it gets a little dusty near the end. I transfer mine to the glass jars now when buying

  7. LeBim (verified owner)

    I could’n tell better that Captain said. Bud look really nice with a good little smell to it. If they wasn’t that dry it would have been Awsome! That why it’s only 4 star.

  8. The Volcannabist (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd Tin from Oso Fuego and I am again thoroughly impressed with their Vanilla Ice Cream strain.

    When you open the tin you are hit with a strong scent that comes off creamy, sweet with a good hint of vanilla and oat.

    The nugs vary from thumbnail to thumb-sized and are a bright lime green, moderately covered in orange pistils and wholly coated in white trichromes. The underside of the tin lid was coated in trichromes as well, make sure you sweep those into your roll/vape!

    They included humidity packs again from Boost which was actually inside the tin as well – the only issue is the Boost pack was in its wrapping rendering the humidity pack mostly useless unfortunately. Thankfully the nugs were not negatively affected much.

    4/5 – Would recommend for anyone looking for a top quality creamy/sweet strain to blaze

  9. CptCanada (verified owner)

    Oso Fuego continues to impress me with their offerings. Upon cracking the tin, I was met with subtle earthy, herb tones with an ever so faint hint of vanilla/cream. Truly enticing.

    Packaging is also an A+…

    BUT, the ONLY thing I would change & the only reason this is not getting a 5/5 is because the bud is overly dry. You get a humidity pack (used to keep your bud and terps fresh) but it hasn’t been opened. It simply “comes” with the packaging, not actually with the bud, keeping everything fresh. A real miss in my opinion.

    As always, thanks BM 🙂

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