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Gummies (Medicated)


Available in 25 MG THC total, 80 MG THC total, and 400 MG THC total.

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Medicated Gummies

Available in 25 MG THC total, 80 MG THC total, and 400 MG THC total.

Small batch candies handcrafted using only Full Spectrum Shatter and quality ingredients to ensure accurate dosage and an unparalleled experience. Medicated Gummies are created by a passionate team of chefs on a mission; to share the power of healing with their medicated goodies at an affordable price!

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, THC/CBD, Natural & Artificial Flavour, Colour, Gelatine

“This product may melt or soften if exposed to heat. If you receive melted Gummies please chat with an agent.”

20 reviews for Gummies (Medicated)

  1. SkeletoR (verified owner)

    Will buy these again. I ate a 4 pack of the 100mg each sour gummy worms. Pretty decent high, even better sleep. I’m not a huge edibles user but I do enjoy the way I sleep after eating at least 100mg. They taste super good for a weed edible.

  2. TimmyT (verified owner)

    Definitely a reasonably priced hit! I chose the 400 mg package and it did not disappoint. Good taste although a little funky, it is weed after all. Would definitely recommend

  3. trysite (verified owner)

    First time I order these medicated worms (4 X 100mg). There’s a THC taste but not too overpowering. Personally, I never seem to benefit from the effects of edibles but that’s probably because I smoke concentrates on a regular basis and my tolerance is high? I tried two worms at once (200mg) but also smoked so I’m thinking the edibles’ effects were drowned by the smoking effects. Perhaps I need to try these without smoking?

  4. NoScopeBudSmoker (verified owner)

    One of these worms will put you on your ass, I have no doubt they have as much thc as they say. I will definitely be purchasing these again very soon!

  5. Luke (verified owner)

    Great edible potency for the price I like these worms for the cheaper stash, good to stock up on when making an order to fill in the gaps to reach 200$ free shipping haha

  6. SheHigh (verified owner)

    I got the 4 pack (25 MG TCH total) Sour Bears. At 6.25 per piece, these go down easy like a Sunday morning. Perfect for micro-dosing, getting lifted and not blasted.

  7. Luke (verified owner)

    Good for the price, i like to have a whole package for a good stone but as always your tolerance maybdiffer so go easy at first, I reccomend a movie with good visuals lol

  8. Akua420 (verified owner)

    These taste good and they hit hard. These may be my favourite new edible in my life, good price, good taste, good high. Nothing but good things to say.

  9. Lespat (verified owner)

    The amount of THC advertised seems quite accurate. Two or three of the 40 mg is good, while one of the 100 mg product usually seems to satisfy my needs.

  10. Bobby Santana (verified owner)

    I got the 4 100 milligrams sour worms honestly best bang for you’re buck when it comes to edibles simple packaging but top notch really potent half is more then enough one will certainly have you couch locked.

  11. Tony Orlando (verified owner)

    Got the 40mg gummy worms, which is too much for me so I split them in half. No complaints, worked fine, and a nice little topper item to get you over the minimum shipping requirement 😀

  12. Zemr (verified owner)

    These medical gummys are heavy hitting edibles! 100mg was all I needed to get into the skies. The flavor is a little noticeable but it just makes me more confident I’m getting a proper dose.

  13. fishbulb (verified owner)

    Half a worm did the trick. I got three of the 4x100mg and the first thing I liked was the packaging, or lack thereof: nondescript ziplocks that take up no space at all. First worm I tried I thought tasted a little soapy, but I haven’t noticed it since. Perhaps one flavour was a little sour-er than the others. Texture’s okay.

    I feel like I’m stretching to find anything wrong with them. Like, maybe put more in a ziplock, so there could be even less packaging? I’m not sure I could eyeball more than four, so I couldn’t imagine how I’d be able to check everything I ordered arrived if they were packaged differently. I think what I’m saying is that I like them.

    And, Jesus, that price.

    (Mind you, SeC products are pretty competitive too.)

  14. Mochi (verified owner)

    4×100 sour worms is great value. Not the best tasting gummies but loaded with medication and hits hard. I’m pretty much still medicated the next day after taking two last night. Maybe start with one lol

  15. WilliamP (verified owner)

    I got the 4x100mg package, I eat my fair share of edibles mostly homemade, but these for the price were well worth it. I’m sure to be buying again and would recommend to a friend

  16. KStewz (verified owner)

    Pretty good for the price. Didn’t taste like Mary Jane which I personally prefer it not to taste like with my edibles. Gives you a good body high to last the evening.

  17. FrIedBacon90 (verified owner)

    Got the 4×100 , I haven’t had many edibles but half a worm did me good for about 4 hours. Well worth the price. Thanks again budmail, long time customer and never been disappointed

  18. Gwar (verified owner)

    Bought 8 packs of the 2x40mg worms. Tastes alright, ate a whole pack & didn’t do a thing. Can eat one square of 50mg chocolate from mota & get a good buzz. These, 80mg.. nothing

  19. Beans (verified owner)

    Really like these I don’t do edibles to often but these seem strong. For the price can’t go wrong wish I got more than 2 packs thanks for this BM it’s much appreciated.

  20. tom from manitoba (verified owner)

    Not the best gummy bear. The dosage is nice but seems week for the supposed amount of THC in each bear. The flavor and texture a good, and the price is very reasonable for this product so that offsets the weaker effects. Good for new users.

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