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Gelato Cake (Taco Farms) – Albatross Line

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AAAA Grade | Albatross Line | Indica Dominant Hybrid | Organic

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Gelato Cake

Gelato Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid coming from Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake. These well-trimmed buds are dense, sage green, flecked with dark orange pistils, and coated with gorgeous white trichomes. The aroma of Gelato Cake is surprisingly pungent with notes of diesel and contrasted by sour lemon and a creamy sweetness. It boasts mouthwatering sweet and sour vanilla flavours on every inhale combined with spice and pine on the exhale. When chopped and rolled, Gelato Cake burns consistently to charcoal ash.

Gelato Cake hits hard but slow as euphoria slowly builds up and presents a happy and creative state. After this heightened state settles, a relaxed body-stone emerges and locks you into the couch. This bud would be great for a mellow evening in front of the TV or right before bed, as you might doze off.

Lab tested at 21-23% THC

Flavours: Citrus, Diesel, Earthy, Pine
Effects: Body High, Cerebral, Happy, Relaxing
Medical: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Cramps

Soaring from the salt sprayed-beaches of the Pacific and over the treetops of the temperate rain forest comes our premium Albatross Collection, featuring legendary craft cannabis strains befitting the name of the majestic seabird. The Albatross Collection captures the essence of the West Coast, from the sea to sky, and you can smell it in the aroma of these amazing strains that have been nurtured by some of the very best growers in the world. Whether you’re off on a hike deep in the woods, exploring the beaches, or climbing the mountains, the craft cannabis strains in our Albatross Collection are the perfect match for a pioneering spirit of adventure. But if you’d rather sit on the couch and chill, they’re great for that, too. The Albatross Collection is a tribute to the natural beauty and wilderness of the West Coast, bundled in our premium, smell-proof glass jars with an included humidity pack to guarantee long-lasting freshness and flavour.

6 reviews for Gelato Cake (Taco Farms) – Albatross Line

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    Clean smoke, and really smooth.
    Great to smoke before I go to sleep.
    Definitely a “stay at home” type of bud.
    Great bud, would definitely buy it again.

  2. Jjmax (verified owner)

    Pretty decent stuff. Buds were small to large and everything in between. I’d rate it the lower end of AAAA only because of the dryness and taste. It’s a bit more cheesy than I hoped.

  3. highgrade (verified owner)

    grabbed only a few g’s to try and was happy I did, very enjoyable high and good strong smooth smoke!

    looks good, properly cured and smokes clean

    ++ thank you!

  4. Vaga (verified owner)

    Taco farms rarely disappoints, another hit please!

    This tastes just how I like it, a little gassy and skunky with a slight sweetness. it smells like the kind of pot you don’t just put in your pocket – needs a smell proof bag or two!!
    A smooth easy burning smoke.
    Strong. A heavy couch lock high. I smoke this before bed and am out cold when my head hits the pillow. Great for insomnia!!

  5. Bricky (verified owner)

    Agree with the last comment! This some awesome flower! Tastes and smells unbelievable very smooth and burns to a white ash! A definite quad for sure! The bud speaks for itself! Looks amazing covered in white Chrystal very pleasing to the eye. Another top quality product from taco farms! Hats off to the growers you must try this strain you will not be disappointed 😁👍

  6. Budda- abuser (verified owner)

    This indica dominate hybrid is unbelievable potent. When I was placing an order I was kinda skeptical, later I realized I made a right decision. The aroma of this dank weed is kinda gassy and cremish. The effects are phenomenal, with high THC this weed will get you super high, happy and mellow at first followed by couch lock type of body stone to put you in a sleeping mode. Enjoy.

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